Clinic FAQs

How did it all begin?

In 1989, the late Dr. Erwin M. Vasquez and other community leaders recognized that too many Broward County residents were not receiving the type of healthcare they needed…and deserved…because they couldn’t afford the treatment or the insurance needed to cover their medical needs. 

With that understanding, it became their mission to start a clinic where no one would be turned away based upon their inability to pay for proper medical treatment. Hence, the Light of the World Clinic was founded!

Since its opening, with the help of hundreds of volunteer doctors, specialists and non-medical professionals, the clinic has helped more than a quarter of a million deserving, but unable-to-pay patients like YOU! 


How are you funded?

Because we are a private 501c3 organization, we rely on fundraising and the generosity of private donors, foundations, corporations, local cities and individuals who believe in the work we do for our most at-risk residents who need our services but can’t afford quality healthcare. 


Why should I come to the Clinic instead of just going to a local Emergency Room?

There are instances when you have a true medical emergency and you should call 911 or visit a local hospital; but for nonemergency health situations, you deserve the continuity of care, treatment and follow-up care that our medical professionals can provide. 


Why can’t an E.R. doctor provide that?

E.R. doctors are there for just that – emergencies. They don’t offer the continuity of care necessary to help patients stabilize their diabetes, hypertension or other debilitating diseases. We can help with chronic health problems, back-to-school exams, colds or just routine check-ups. In short, we can be your primary healthcare provider and give you the quality medical care you deserve in a culturally-sensitive medical facility at no cost to you or the taxpayers. Let us be your medical home. 


What do I need to do to become a patient at the Light of the World Clinic?

Download our patient application below or stop by our office to pick one up. Once your application is fully completed, submitted and approved, our Eligibility Coordinator will schedule your appointment with one of our medical professionals.

What types of medical services are available for me to receive?

  • Acupuncture
  • Audiology 
  • Back-to-School Exams and Immunizations 
  • Bone Density 
  • Cardiology 
  • Certified Diabetic Educator 
  • Cholesterol Education and Treatment 
  • COPD/Asthma Control 
  • Dermatology 
  • Family Wellness 
  • General and Internal Medicine 
  • Gynecology  
  • Hypertension Education and Treatment 
  • Infectious Diseases 
  • Laboratory Services (nominal fee) 
  • Mammography 
  • Nephrology 
  • Nutrition and Healthy Eating 
  • Ophthalmology / Vision Screening 
  • Orthopedic Services 
  • Pediatrics 
  • Podiatry 
  • Prevention Education 
  • Social Service Outreach 
  • Ultrasound/X-Ray/CT/MRI 
  • Urology

Can you help with prescription medications as well?

Depending on medical need, we can provide prescription medicines or work with pharmaceutical companies to provide low-cost or no-cost medications on a case-by-case basis for our patients.