Medical Director's Message

Dr Reyes, Light Of The World Clinic Medical Director profile imageDr Erwin Vasquez felt strongly that all humans are entitled to medical care regardless of their means. He had the vision and determination and did something about it 30 years ago, with the help of a small group of medical and non-medical volunteers, he founded what we today know as the Light of the World Clinic.

The Light of the World Clinic provides basic medical care to patients who do not have the resources to pay for medical insurance or medical care. It works on the good will of volunteers: physicians, medical students, nursing students and many others. For the past 4 years we’ve been able to count on the medical residents from Holy Cross/University of Miami program, who as part of their rotation give their knowledge and time to care for our patients.

We have medical volunteers in many specialties including General medicine and Family medicine, Dermatology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Gyn, Urology, Infectious Diseases, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Acupuncture, Podiatry, Registered Dietician, Certified Diabetic Educator and have a close medical relationship with specialists in Neurology, ENT, Endocrine, GI, Pulmonary and Rheumatology.

Through our partnerships in the community, several patients have been able to get some specialty treatments.  Without these vital collaborations, we would not be able to care of our sickest patients which need more advanced specialty care beyond the scope of our clinic.

As physicians we have been blessed with a great career which gives us the knowledge of taking care of medical problems and diseases but with this comes responsibilities and commitments to treat all patients with empathy and dignity.

I believe that we should share any talent we have been given by God with others especially those in most need and who do not have the resources to pay. What greater pleasure than to give without expecting a payment in return. What greater gift than to see the smile on the faces of those you have helped.

I have been blessed to be part of the Light of the World Clinic for many years and since 2010 as the medical director when our beloved friend Erwin left this world.

We have the fortune to count with a small team of hard-working personnel who under the direction of Sandy our Executive Director are able to run the Clinic in an exemplary way.

I have learned a lot by my association with the Clinic especially the great feeling of helping those who are in need. As St. Francis said in his prayer “It is in giving that we receive, and it is pardoning that we are pardoned”

We invite you to become part of the Light of the World Clinic by sharing your talents with those in most need.


Ricardo Reyes M.D.

Medical Director