Patient Success Stories

Community Impact – Patient Success Stories

A 47-year-old female had struggled with type 2 diabetes as well as obesity most of her life. She has attempted various blood sugar and weight loss management strategies, yet continued to experience difficulties. In 2013, she underwent gastric sleeve surgery which had initially been successful. However, she eventually gained the weight back. Upon visiting the Clinic, she met with our medical team who provided healthy lifestyle education and behavioral counseling, which included self-care improvements (physical exercise, weight loss, and nutrition management). Working closely with doctors, she lost almost sixty pounds in 18 months. The Patient recently received approval to take an effective diabetes medication that helps lower her A1c (blood sugar over time) in addition to weight loss, which should greatly aid her efforts. The supervised manner in which the Patient has slowly and consistently lost weight will likely help her to maintain a healthy body weight. The Clinic’s medical professionals provide ongoing medical support, counseling, and medications to help her throughout her weight loss journey.


A 49-year old male who first presented to the Clinic with an HbA1C of 11.3%. At that time the patient was overweight and never previously diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus. After initial visit at LOTW the patient was started on multiple hypoglycemic agents including Metformin, Glimepiride, Linaglitpin and Insulin to try and treat his uncontrolled diabetes. Eventually, after close follow up with LOTW, the patient was able to greatly improve HbA1C to 5.8%, currently only requiring Metformin for pre-diabetes! The patient also improved lifestyle choices (including diet and exercise) to lose over 20lbs!


A 60-year-old female patient with multiple chronic medical conditions entered the Clinic in June of 2022. She was diagnosed with Atrial fibrillation, an abnormal heart rhythm, and a large goiter in her neck due to uncontrolled hyperthyroidism. She knew that some things were affecting her health. However, she could not afford to visit a doctor or pay for diagnostic screening or medications to manage her ongoing medical conditions. The Clinic’s medical team met with the Patient, conducted diagnostic testing, provided her with counseling and medications to calm her thyroid, and obtained free imaging that showed multiple nodules that required a biopsy. Based on our collaborative partnership with Holy Cross, we were able to seek the Hospitals’ Charity Care Assistance Program for her to visit a thyroid specialist to biopsy the nodules, which showed early signs of cancer. Fortunately, she had surgery to remove the thyroid and prevent cancer from forming. Her symptoms are now well controlled on medications, and she has improved her self-care. She now understands the importance of adhering to her medical treatment plan and following her medication regimen. As a result, she no longer has an abnormal heart rhythm, and her quality of life is significantly improved. Through this unfortunate experience, the Patient learned the value the Light of the World Clinic provides and understands the importance of managing and treating her chronic conditions with her routine follow-ups and medication recommendations.


A 62-year-old female patient arrived at the Clinic with no prior history of health screenings. During her initial visit, the Clinic’s medical team conducted a complete series of diagnostic screenings, including a Mammogram and PAP test. The Patient’s Mammogram results demonstrated an irregular mass suspicious of malignancy. The follow-up biopsy confirmed breast cancer. The Clinic’s volunteer gynecologist guided the Patient on diagnosis and counseled her on possible treatment plans. The Clinic’s medical team referred the Patient to Holy Cross Hospital for treatment under their Charity Program. The Nurse Practitioner provided follow-up for pre-op orders and evaluation, and the Patient reported that she was scheduled for a lumpectomy later that year.


A 65-year-old female had been a patient at Light of the World Clinic since 2004 and received medical treatment and counseling to manage multiple conditions included anxiety, hyperlipidemia, osteoarthritis, osteopenia, fibromyalgia, and reflux. Over time, she learned to self-care and managed her health. She was approved for Medicare and graduated from the Clinic’s service. For almost 20 years, the Clinic’s medical team worked closely with the Patient and encouraged her to maintain good health as she has a family history of breast cancer and diabetes. Although sad to leave the Clinic as a patient, she is so grateful for the treatments and support she received over the years, that she hopes to return to the Clinic as a volunteer!


A 78-year-old female was diagnosed with an irregular heart rhythm known as atrial fibrillation, with a rate of 122 on her first visit to the Clinic. The Clinic’s medical team immediately conducted an Electrocardiogram confirming this irregular heart rhythm, which is a high risk for clots and stroke. The Patient admitted that she used to take the medication Propranolol twice daily for a heart condition although she was unsure of the specific condition. She had a history of Atrial fibrillation for approximately 20 years. However, she abruptly suspended medication 6-8 weeks ago. She admitted that she was experiencing palpitations. The Medical team counseled her and restarted her on baby aspirin once daily until she could be evaluated by cardiology. She was referred to the Clinic’s volunteer Cardiologist and was examined two weeks later. The Cardiologist counseled the Patient in Spanish and discussed the risks of heart attack and stroke in detail. She was made aware never to stop the medication abruptly as risks significantly increased. The Patient was provided educational materials in Spanish to supplement her Cardiology visit and to reinforce her understanding of maintaining her medical treatment plan. Thanks to Light of the World Clinic and its volunteer medical professionals, this Patient was assessed and diagnosed and proper treatment with specialist referral was provided. This easily could have been a sudden death situation had she had access to this Clinic and its services.